The Reflections of Covid-19 Pandemic on Trade across Global Value Chains

  • Samiha DJEDIDI EL-OUED university (Algeria)
  • Abdelmalek BAHI AL-MANAR university (Tunisia)
Keywords: global value chains, covid-19, regional value chains


 This study aims at analysing the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially with regard to international trade across global value chains and the effects of the pandemic on the flows of goods and services across the various stages of the international production chain, then we try to review some of the potential trends of international production systems in the post-Covid-19 crisis. and if the pandemic lead to a review of the international division of production processes? The study concluded that the Covid-19 pandemic led to supply disruptions and negatively affected global value chains, and revealed how weak value chains are in front of crises, and this may lead major companies to reconsider strategies for distributing production operations internationally, which may herald the decline of global value chains in the face of increasing calls to rely on local or regional suppliers.


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