Islamic Checks as an Alternative Strategy to Finance the General Budget in Algeria in the light of Oil Price Fluctuation

  • Asmaa Moulay University of Tahri Mohammed
  • Bahoussi Medjdoub University of Tahri Mohammed
  • Mohammed Tagrouet University of Chelef- Algria
Keywords: rentier economies, Fluctuations in oil prices, Funding, The Islamic government instruments, The public budget deficit


     Through this research paper, we have attempted to illustrate the multiple effects on the Algerian economy of the fluctuations in oil prices from 2001 to the present day, focusing on the influence of these changes on the stability of the general government budget with regard to the downward trend in the prices of this critical substance and its almost complete dependence on Its revenue to cover the public expenditure needs of the State, with a view to highlighting the realistic financial solution, in compliance with Islamic law, as an alternate and compensatory source of fuel revenue so as to ensure the stability of the general budget of the annuity economies, represented by the use of Islamic instruments in their various forms, which differ according to the nature of the funding required, which depends on the nature of the positions to be funded, with an indication of the practical uses of this tool in a vision adapted to the  financial situation of Algeria


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