The shift towards investing in renewable energies as an alternative to fossil fuels

Evaluating the experiences of Algeria and Mauritania in the field of energy transition

  • Taleb Ahmad OULDAHMADOU Nouakchott Al Assriya University, (Mauritania)
  • Moncef MEGAOUIB Larbi Tebessi University, (Algeria)
  • Yahia DRIS Larbi Tebessi University, (Algeria)
Keywords: Energy transformation, Renewable energies, Statistical indicators, Algeria, Mauritania


This study aims to analysing the phenomenon of the energy transition from relying on fossil fuels to renewable energies, by explaining what it is and its general context, as well as shedding light on the dimensions of its spread, by tracking the path of global investment in clean energy alternatives in recent years, by extrapolating a number of indicators extracted from dependable and reliable international statistics in this field, with an examination of their status in two Maghreb countries, Algeria and Mauritania. The study found an acceleration of the global transformation towards renewable energies, in terms of investment, trade and use, in both developed and developing countries, in addition to the two studied countries, especially Mauritania - with their limited financial and energy resources - to catch up with global developments in this field, by adopting many ambitious programs. To advancing the Investment in this promising sector.


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