The Application of Modern Strategic Planning Methodology in the Algerian State to formulate a hypothetical Economic Vision until 2030

  • Chamia Benabbes University of Abbes Laghrour khenchela( Algeria)
  • Houda Mayouf University of Souk Ahrass (Algeria)
Keywords: Strategic planning, Future economic vision, Economic productive, Oil resources


This research paper presents a suggestion of an integrated sample for viewing the Algerian country as an imagination for a long term in future. It deals with the national economy from the present time until 2030. This vision was put in order to make reforms and development, for the limited ambition to our economy, government and society. This is according to a basic principle put in an integrated and harmonic reforms in the local, national and international development. The movement from an economic based on oil resources to an economy productive able for a national and international competition. This economy was planned by the government, private and public sector who was responsible for its growth in order to provide a good and secure life. This study deals with the new strategic planning, and the appropriate characteristics. Needed in planning and applying the economic vision in the future, based on some principles and some suggested criteria with steps to reach the needed objectives.  The study concluded that there is a necessity which the country and its companies, should move hand in hand with the developed countries in the planning for the future. In addition, confronted all its problems in the present economic changes and the crises. To thinking about the future conditions.


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