The reality of venture capital in Algeria and its role in financing SME investments

  • Habiba Meddas University Echahid Hamma Lakhdar El-Oued, (Algeria)
  • Moussa Rahmani University Mohamed Kheider Biskra (Algeria)
Keywords: Finance, Investments, SMEs, Venture Capital


      This study aims to identify the reality of venture capital in Algeria and the role of its companies in financing small and medium enterprises' investments. Given the expected role of the latter in expanding the base of the national economy, and helping the campaign of new and innovative ideas to implement them on the ground in sustainable investment projects. In this regard - especially with the absence of a professional association for venture capital in Algeria - we have relied on conducting a survey at the level of companies practicing the profession, and collecting and analyzing the necessary information in order to extrapolate the specifics of this activity and reveal its economic impact. We came to the conclusion that the venture capital technology actively contributes to financing a very limited number of small and medium enterprises, as the latter prefers service projects with guaranteed profitability with the help of government support and escort structures.


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