The use of sustainable balanced scorecard to assess the overall performance of banks

Case study of Société General Bank of Algeria between (2013-2017)

  • Hamid Slimani University of fès (Morocco)
  • Cherifa Djaadi University of Ouargla (Algeria)
Keywords: Comprehensive Performance Assessment, Sustainable Balanced Scorecard Model, Social and Environmental Dimension, Internal Operations Dimension Clients Dimension


This study aims at assessing the overall performance of ‘’Société Generale’’ Bank of Algeria using a sustainable balanced scorecard. Through this study, we attempted to answer the problem posed: to which extent the sustainable balanced scorecard model contributed the overall performance evaluation of ‘’Société Generale’’ Bank of Algeria between (2013-2017). We discussed the definition of comprehensive performance and balanced scorecard and its various dimensions and indicators to measure these dimensions, also we deal with the sustainable balanced scorecard and how to integrate the social and environmental dimension.

The study results in the fact that ‘’Société Generale’’ Bank of Algeria achieved an acceptable overall performance ranging between 64.80% and 77.56%, it achieved good financial performance and acceptable performance in both internal operations dimension as well as growth and learning dimension, but it neglected customers, social, and environmental dimension.


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