Learning Organization as an entrance to Human Capital Development

Case study – Lecturers of Amar Telidji University - Laghouat.

  • Messaouda Hamamma Laboratory of economic development studies, university of laghouat(Algeria)
  • Tayeb Benoun Laboratory of economic development studies, university of laghouat(Algeria)
Keywords: learning Organization, Human Capital, Human Capital Development, Training, Amar Telidji University


    The aim of this study, is to highlight the role of the learning organization in the development of human capital. Through its dimensions related to the individual and collective level of continuous learning, dialogue and inquiry. Team learning and empowerment for the development of competencies through training. By conducting a survey of a sample of Ammar Thaliji University Lecturers. The results of the survey were analysed by SPSS program. This study concluded that there is a statistically significant effect on the learning organization's dimensions on human capital development.


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