Reality of Intellectual Capital at Al-Fattaih Cement Factory in Derna city from the viewpoint of Employees

  • WAEL M. GABREL Omar Al-Mukhtar University (Libya)
  • Abdul Karim F. bin Khayal The National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises - Benghazi (Libya)
Keywords: Intellectual Capital, Al Fattaih Cement Factory, Derna city (Libya)


This study aims at diagnosing the intellectual capital at the Cement Factory at the city of Derna, through the following themes: (Human capital, Structural capital, Relationships capital). It also aims at recognizing whether there are significant morale differences between the responses of the group examined about the intellectual capital due to the following demographic variables: (gender, age, educational qualification, length of service and the job title). To achieve its objectives, the study applied the case study method; the researcher developed a questionnaire based on some previous studies, which he was sure of their validity and reliability. The study population included all employees at Al Fattaih Cement Factory, total (697) Employees, and to determine the sample size, the researcher has relied on krejcie and Morgan table (1970), the number determined as (248) Employees. They were selected by random sampling method, and after the distribution of the questionnaire, (174) valid forms were retrieval for statistical analysis. The study revealed that the overall level of IC at the cement factory under study came high. Finally, the study provided a set of recommendations that will hopefully be followed in order to strengthen the level of IC at Al Fattaih Cement Factory under study.


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