Impact of the internal marketing application on quality of the local public service

A study on a sample of the employees of Sidi Issa municipality

  • Said Hadjal University of Blida 2 (Algeria).
  • Khaled Gachi iversity Center Tipaza, (Algeria).
Keywords: Internal marketing, Recruitment, Training, Motivation, Quality of local public service


The primary concern of this study, is to shed the light on the effect of internal marketing implementation process (IM). On the quality of local public service (QLPS) in Sidi Issa municipality. Therefore, highlighting the nature of the relationship between the variables of the study. To achieve this goal, a set of concepts and previous studies related to (IM) and (QLPS) have been addressed. Furthermore, on the basis of collecting relevant data, a questionnaire was designed and distributed on a random sample of 165 Respondents. The results that obtained showed that there is a positive relationship between (IM) and (QLPS) and the existence of an impact of (IM) on (QLPS) in the municipality of Sidi Issa. Moreover, the current study found that internal marketing is not sufficiently applied in Sidi Issa municipality. Also, the quality of local public services that are provided to the municipality people are deteriorated. On the basis of these results, the study recommends to pay more attention to the internal marketing and ensuring its application. In addition, focuses on the application of its dimensions according to the importance of each dimension in the activity of the municipality. Also, it's vital to provide greater flexibility in administrative transactions with employees and the regulations that guide them. To conduct continuous studies to find out the impact of the application of internal marketing dimensions on the staff and address the imbalance immediately.


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