The Evaluation of the Reality of Applying Fair Value Accounting in Commercial Banks

Empirical study on Algerian Commercial Banks

  • Faris Benidir University of El hadj Lakhdar, Batna –Algeria
  • Mohamed Zergoune University of Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla –Algeria
Keywords: Fair Value, International Accounting Standards, Quality Characteristics of Accounting information, Accounting Measurement, Financial Accounting System


The study aims to identify the degree to which Algerian commercial banks rely on the fair value model in the accounting assessment process. To achieve the purpose of the study, a questionnaire is used to collect data, which is analysed using SPSS packages. The results of the study show that Algerian Commercial banks do not use the fair value model in accounting valuation. Results show also that the Algerian accounting environment is not suitable for the application of fair value because of some obstacles and challenges mainly the lack of readiness of the Algerian financial market.


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