The Impact Of Internal Marketing Dimensions On Improving Performance

A Case Study On National Company For Food

  • Majed Kassem Abdu Alsyanyi University of Science and Technology (Yemen)
  • Asma Ahmed Al-Sabri Researcher in administrative sciences (Yemen)
Keywords: Internal Marketing, Performance


 The study aimed to identify the impact of internal marketing through its dimensions (training programs، incentives، administrative support، employee recruitment method.) on the performance of national food and dairy company from the perspective of the staff and used this analytical descriptive approach. A(74) questionnaire Was analyzed through the use of the Statistical Program (SPSS)، where the results of testing hypotheses showed a positive statistically significant effect on internal marketing on performance. The results indicated acceptance of all the hypotheses on which the study was based and the results indicated acceptance of the hypothesis that there is a statistically significant impact on performance of the internal marketing variable، and the study recommends that the focus be on the different internal marketing dimensions and the participation of staff in the design of the training programs in which they will be involved. Training programs should be developed in modern industrial subjects، incentives and rewards should be commensurate with reasonable daily living requirements، and heads should appreciate the skills that work requires، reflecting on positive performance.


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