The Algorithm Applications in the Sharing Economy

Building a regression model of Airbnb prices using python

  • Mounia KHELFAOUI Djilali Bounaama University (Algeria)
  • Soraya SEDKAOUI Khemis-Miliana University, (Algeria)
Keywords: Algorithms, Sharing Economy, Modeling, Linear Regression, Airbnb


The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between algorithmic applications and the sharing economy. To explore this relationship we applied a regression algorithm using Python for predicting Airbnb listing price. The results of the study show that Airbnb apartment prices in the city of Paris depend widely on the amenities and location. In fact, variables leading to price increase are related to these two factors. In order to see whether these factors constitute the main predictors in Airbnb apartments’ prices at Paris, we can use other algorithms, such as random forest”, and decision tree.


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