The importance and effectiveness of using ICTs in achieving the competitive advantage of the economic institution

  • Hamza Bali University of Eloued (ALGERIA)
  • Amine Azri University of Eloued (ALGERIA)
  • Mossab Bali University of Eloued (ALGERIA)
Keywords: Information and communication technologies, competitive advantage, economic institution, WOUROYD


This study shows the importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in activating business management and building a competitive advantage. The society of everything has become an information society more than ever, and this imposed on economic institutions speed in the collection of information and data, in the decision-making process, in the process of supply and financing, and the production and storage as well. To this end, this study is conducted to explore the extent of the contribution of ICTs in enhancing competitiveness. The theoretical study on the economic institution “WOUROUD” in El Oued, was dropped. Relying on the questionnaire to collect data, the study has processed the form outputs using SPSS v25 packages. The results show that there is a statistically significant relationship between ICTs and the competitiveness among WOUROUD. Also, there are no significant differences about the reality of ICTs that is attributed to variables.


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